Chris Brown

Chris Brown Wants a Family with Rihanna

03 Mar 2013

Rihanna and Chris Brown have baby plans in common!

Chris Brown can't wait to have a big family with Rihanna. The 23-year-old R&B star was reportedly thrilled to hear his girlfriend publicly say that she wants to have a baby in the next five years but isn't pressuring her to settle down.

A source close to the Turn Up The Music singer told "Chris feels the same way -- he would have a baby with RiRi, but that's way down the road because they're both young and in their prime. But yeah, Chris wants kids one day."

"Chris has a big family to support him. Rihanna has a big family too, so you know that kid would be loved like you wouldn't believe. But all in do time - that's in the works, but years down the line."

"They don't pressure each other on stuff like that. They're both mature when it comes to serious stuff. Right now, they just want to be, you know, enjoying their lives, partying, doing what they do and loving each other. That's on the agenda for a minute and they love what they've got going."

The 25-year-old Stay singer recently revealed her plans for the next few years include starting a family with her on/off boyfriend - who is on probation for assaulting her in 2009 - and preparing for a life without touring.

She said: "I will probably have a kid. And I'm praying I can go on vacation for a good month. And I'll have to set some things up so I don't have to tour for the rest of my life."