Chris Brown Spotted with Ex Karreuche Tran

How's Rihanna going to react? Chris Brown spent the day in LA with his ex girlfriend Karreuche Tran, who he recently dumped in order to be with RiRi
Chris Brown Spotted with Ex Karreuche Tran
Chris Brown and Karreuche Tran

Chris Brown spent Monday (22 October) in Los Angeles with his ex girlfriend. While the rapper split with model Karreuche Tran recently and rekindled his relationship with his former love Rihanna - who he split from in 2009 after beating her up - he was spotted spending time with Karreuche.

According to the pair left his house together before driving away separately. However, they met up later and were spotted in the same car, reportedly on their way to a studio in Burbank.

The news is sure to upset Rihanna who told friends she felt like a ''princess'' during her romantic date with Chris on Saturday night (20 October).

The Diamonds singer stepped out to attend the launch of his new desktop channel Qubeey in Los Angeles where they were spotted hugging and kissing.

A source said: ''[Rihanna] had fun being with Chris. She loves him and anything she can do to support him she will. She wants to be by his side and show up for him and last night she did."

''Chris was real soothing - he made Rihanna feel like a princess just by the little things he was doing. He opened doors, pulled out her chair, you know, being charming Chris. He was being a gentleman and it was cute. They had a few kisses and some drinks, but the night wasn't about them as a couple, it was about Chris and his channel - and she wanted to be there for him.''

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