Chris Brown Speaks Out About his Split from Publicist

The Fine China singer addresses rumours on this PR drama…
ByLucile HelwaniThursday , 30 June 2016
Chris Brown Speaks Out About his Split from Publicist
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Not So Happy: Chris Brown talked his mind about his ex-publicist

Chris Brown hit back at rumours that claim he fired his publicist for no reason. The singer insisted she was not doing her job properly and that’s why he decided to part ways with her.

The 27-year-old hit headlines on Monday when text messages between him and publicist Nicole Perna emerged.

In the exchanges, Nicole’s complementing Chris’ Black Pyramid clothing line and that’s when things got ugly. The Deuces singer replied to her by saying: “I don’t want you texting me compliments with no results.”

Perna then responded by telling him she was the one who gave him coverage in fashion magazines, like Vogue, but Chris wasn’t really happy about it and told her to “get in the game.”

This comment got the publicist pretty upset and she wrote back by swearing and telling him that her time is mainly spent on “damage control.” She added that she’s constantly cleaning his mess and having his back.

The Loyal hitmaker responded by saying he didn’t really care if she would continue to work with him or not. He then cursed about his former manager Mike G.

He then took to social media to speak out about this drama, insisting he’s not going to explain the full situation but suggesting there’s more to the story.

Chris wrote: “All of these people who are claiming to be ‘my team’, they all were fired on different occasions. Immature and unprofessional. No need for me to hash out any specific details, just know people will run up a check and do no work, or even care, then it’s your fault when you call them on it or even ask?”


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