Chris Brown in Therapy Twice a Week for “Anger Management”

Singer still battles anger issues following his 2009 attack on Rihanna
ByJack Hardwick Sunday , 14 September 2014
Chris Brown in Therapy Twice a Week for “Anger Management”
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Chris Brown is getting help for his anger issues

It's no secret that Chris Brown has had his fair shares of run-ins with the law in recent years, but it seems the 25-year old singer is determined to turn his life around, after admitting to seeing a therapist twice a week.
Chris's revelation comes as American football player Ray Rice was fired from the Baltimore Ravens this week after video footage leaked of the star attacking his wife in a hotel lift.
When asked to comment on the situation the Loyal singer told MTV News Ray needs to up his game just like he did.
Chris exclaimed; "I dealt with a lot of anger issues from my past, not knowing how to express myself verbally... and not knowing how to cope with my emotions....
Help is great; I still talk to my therapist twice a week, and it helps me to... if I'm frustrated and I'm dealing with something, to vent and say what I'm going through so I can hear from an actual clinical person: 'This is how you should react', or, 'It's good to feel this way because feelings, emotions and energy are supposed to come and go. It's not supposed to stay there, you're not supposed to keep it inside, because it'll just bottle up and you'll become a monster."

We never thought we'd see the day Chris Brown was giving advice on how to control your temper!

Despite a string of legal woes including attacking former girlfriend Rihanna, smashing a window during a TV interview and most recently breaching the terms of his probation, it seems the troubled singer has really has turned over a new leaf.

He even agreed to put his long feud with superstar Drake behind him. Speaking to MTV News Chris said "You can't walk around holding grudge...For me, dealing with my anger issues... it has helped me really focus on what's important.""It's all about the choices you do make... I've been down that road and I've made my mistakes too, but it's all about how you deal and push forward and control your anger."

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