Chris Brown celebrates his birthday at Drais nightclub

Chris Brown Behind Bars...Again!

08 Sep 2016

The rapper is arrested following an 11-hour standoff with police

Chris Brown has once again landed himself in hot water, after being arrested by police following a tense 11-hour standoff at his LA home for allegedly pointing a gun at model Baylee Curran’s head.
With a string of criminal convictions already behind him, this latest run-in with the law isn’t the smartest move for Brown, who’s been trying to rebuild his career and image. After keeping a relatively low profile and playing the doting father to young daughter Royalty in the past year, Brown’s outburst has shocked his fans and left them wondering if the episode could have anything to do with ex-girlfriend Rihanna’s romantic display with Drake at last week’s VMA awards.
Former beauty queen Baylee Curran claims that she went to Brown’s LA home with her business partner to “go over a couple of future projects”, but when she began admiring some diamond jewellery, one of the singer’s friends began shouting at her. She claims Chris, 27, then entered the room and put a gun in her face, shouting “I’m sick of you people”. After escaping his home unharmed, she called the police and later admitted, “I thought he was going to shoot me”. Even more scarily, Nia Guzman, Brown’s ex and mother of his daughter Royalty, now claims that their one-year-old daughter was in the house at the time of the incident.
After arriving at his home, police had a standoff with the Loyal singer, who refused them entry to his mansion to search for the alleged weapon. When his lawyer arrived on the scene, Brown left the property, at which point he was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. He was later released on $250,000 (Dhs918,287) bail. Speaking about the incident, Curran claims that she did not touch or attempt to take the diamond jewellery in Brown’s home. 
Chris Brown Behind Bars...Again!
Just days before the incident, rapper Drake professed his love for Brown’s ex, Rihanna at MTV’s VMAs. In a slightly awkward speech, the Hotline Bling singer admitted, “She’s someone I’ve been in love with since I was 22 years old”, which means he had feelings for RiRi while she was in a relationship with Brown. Drake and RiRi have since been spotted out in Miami looking cosy, with sources revealing that they are now “full-on dating”. She’s even rumoured to have gotten a new inking – a shark – as a tribute to him. 
While it looks like Rihanna’s happily moved on, it may come as a blow to Brown. He and the Bajan beauty had a turbulent relationship, which ended abruptly in 2009 after he violently assaulted the singer. The attack caused Brown’s career to nosedive, and though the rapper has made an effort to clean-up his image, this recent brush with the law has sabotaged his efforts. 
He’s had several other run-ins with the police, with one of the incidents involving Drake. An argument between the two chart-toppers about Rihanna escalated into a nightclub brawl, which resulted in smashed bottles, a facial injury for Brown and a hospital stint for his bodyguard. 
In the midst of the drama, Brown shared an Instagram video of himself during an angry tirade, saying: “When I call the police for stalker people that are endangering my life, they don’t come until the next day. Let somebody make an allegation about me and you get a whole swat team. I’m innocent.” He added: “I am a father. I am one of the best entertainers out here. Without bragging and saying woe is me, I don’t get enough credit. I’m tired of this.”
However, Brown made the most of the post-arrest attention by releasing a brand new song, What Would You Do? He said: “With everything going on, man, I’m just going to turn the other cheek and drop some music.”