Chris And Gwynnie Not Splitting

17 Dec 2008

Star's mum says divorce rumours are totally false

GWYNETH PALTROW's mother BLYTHE DANNER has dismissed reports the actress' marriage to rocker CHRIS MARTIN is in trouble, insisting the gossip stems from their refusal to pose for pictures together.

The couple has been plagued by rumours of an impending split, speculation that increased after Paltrow was recently spotted partying in the U.S. with pal Madonna, while Martin tours the U.K. with his band Coldplay.

But Paltrow's actress mother insists they are still a couple.

Danner tells, "They don't take pictures together if they can avoid it. It's a strategy. They don't want the pandemonium.

"They're staying in England for the New Year. Then coming here (to New York)."