Chocs Away at Debauve and Gallais

29 Jun 2012

Drive down to DIFC for a sweet treat

Hurrah. Debauve and Gallais, renowned chocolatier to the Kings of France, has opened its first regional flagship boutique in Dubai. Ready, set, run to DIFC. Scratch that, drive, it’s far too hot. Plus, they’d melt. We digress. The new store is everything you hoped it would be. Think 18th century France with authentic designs from the Palais de Versailles, silk brocade covered walls, original antiques and a magnificent hand-painted fresco. And the history? In 1800, Sulpice Debauve, pharmacist for King Louis XVI, opened a chocolate factory with his nephew, Mr Gallais. The factory’s fame quickly rose making it the appointed supplier of royalty. Instead of cheap chocolate, they use beans from Mexico, Ecuador and Venezuela with 99 per cent pure cacao in their chocolate and the remaining one per cent made up of equal amounts of sugar and vanilla extract. Sold.

INFO: Debauve and Gallais, DIFC, 04 386 8000,,

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