Chloë Moretz Dishes on her "Kristen Stewart" Style

Chloë Moretz says her wardrobe choices are a "collaborative effort" between her mother, brother, herself and her stylist. And of course, there's the K-Stew connection
Chloë Moretz Dishes on her "Kristen Stewart" Style
Chloë Moretz

Chloë Moretz says her style is “very Kristen Stewart” when she’s in a city. The 15-year-old actress says that when it comes to her dress sense, it varies depending on her location.

Chloë garners inspiration from fellow Hollywood starlets for her ever-changing get-ups. “My style depends on where I am,” she told the British edition of Glamour magazine. “In a city, it’s very Kristen Stewart: a darker, grungier, moodier version of me.”

Chloë rose to fame at a very early age, beginning her acting career when she was just seven.

When it comes to fashion, the high-profile star has to tread a fine line between keeping her looks sophisticated and on-trend, yet age-appropriate.

“The hard part is looking young, but classy,” she explained. “It’s a collaborative effort – my mom, my brother, me and my stylist [Nell Kalonji from Dazed & Confused].

"If I see an amazing dress with cut-outs, my stylist will know to get it lined because she knows my mom would never allow it.”

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