Chinawhite Club in Dubai

Chinawhite Club in Dubai

04 Mar 2014

Celeb fave London nightclub Chinawhite is set to open in Dubai - we've got the deets

Dubai's getting yet aother celeb-fave club. Chinawhite will open at a top-secret hotel location over the next few weeks, it's been reported.

The London branch has welcomed celebs including Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan, especially when it was first unveiled in the 1990s.

Originaly in the UK capital's Regent Street and attracting memership fees of up to Dhs4,000, it later moved to Soho.

Kate Moss, Lily Allen and numerous footballers have also partied at the Bali-style venue.

What will the Dubai Chinawhite be like? Watch this space for updates!