Chilli: 'Usher didn't cheat'

TLC star says there was no 'Confessions'.
Thursday , 10 April 2008
Chilli and Usher in happier times before they split.
Chilli and Usher in happier times before they split.

TLC singer ROZONDA 'CHILLI' THOMAS has finally spoken out about her split from ex-boyfriend USHER, insisting the much-hyped break-up had nothing to do with revelations the singer made on his CONFESSIONS album.

Both Usher and Thomas refused to speak about the 2003 split, despite speculation suggesting the clues to the break-up were literally written all over his album.

Songs about cheating led fans to believe the Waterfalls singer had dumped the RB stud after learning he had been unfaithful, and in the song Burn, he sang about ending a relationship he no longer wanted to be in.

But Thomas insists the album had nothing to do with the break-up, telling Sister2Sister magazine, "We were together when he was recording that album. I was in the studio with him on most of those songs, so I guess people just don't do the math with it all.

"We didn't break up because of infidelity or anything like that. We broke up because we just did not work, and that's it."