Chicken Scallopini

Enjoy this delicacy from Caffè Florian in DIFC
Wednesday , 05 September 2012
Chicken Scallopini
Chicken Scallopini

Serves 1

200g chicken breast, sliced
80g mushrooms, sautéed
30g butter
50ml chicken stock
100ml mushroom stock
A sprinkle of flour
A pinch of salt
A touch of pepper
Chopped parsley

Melt the butter in a pan.
Coat the sliced chicken with flour and add to the pan.
Cook the chicken on each side for 3 minutes.
Pour the stock over the chicken and leave to evaporate.
Add in the mushrooms and the mushroom stock and leave to cook through. Season to taste with salt and pepper and garnish with the chopped parsley.

Top Tip
Instead of mushrooms, try different combinations: radicchio, lemon, tomato sauce and olives, for example