Chicken… But Not as Much as Nicki Minaj!

She spent Dhs17,000 at Nando's so you know that Nicki Minaj's got an appetite for chicken
Tuesday , 10 July 2012
Chicken… But Not as Much as Nicki Minaj!
Nicki Minaj

There are some pretty expensive foods in the world – caviar, truffles, lobster – but fast food chicken is not one of them. So quite how Nicki Minaj was able to drop Dhs17,000 on her favourite food is a mystery! After her gig in Manchester, England, the rapper headed to Nando’s restaurant and spent five figures on their take-away chicken. Nicki is reportedly a big fan of the Mozambican-Portuguese chicken joint, but she just might win customer of the year with the size of her order. The Daily Star reported that she bought 300 chicken wings, 550 chicken legs and 60 bottles of Coke – so much food that it filled an entire car. While most figure-conscious starlets would call their trainers for a mea culpa gym session after a binge, Nicki got on a plane to the US! It’s not the first time Nicki’s love of chicken has made headlines. After the Super Bowl, her dressing room demands were leaked and one of them was enough fried chicken to feed a football team! At least this time she opted for grilled.

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