Chicane Raves About Dubai

UK DJ talks about his monthly set at Zero Gravity
ByAhlan! Live ReporterSunday , 25 January 2015
Chicane Raves About Dubai
Chicane, AKA Nick Bracegirdle

Renowned British deck-blesser Chicane kicked off a new series of very special sets at Zero Gravity earlier this month, and if you caught his four-hour set, you'll know what a instant smash it was in the Dubai party scene. Chicane - a self-professed 'enigma' of the house and trance scene - is the perfect choice for ZG's day-to-night Aurora series, where the mood changes as the sun goes down and the moon - and the mood - rises up. He was also kind enough to drop a quick Q&A before he left town...

What’s the Dubai party crowd like, in your experience?
Very up for it! People want to party in Dubai. They seem to want to squeeze the most they can out of the weekend.

Are you surprised by the nightlife scene in Dubai? What were you expecting?
A little, yes. I was surprised at how the Dubai crowds go for it, even in January – the quietest month – it was going off!

You've got a strong and increasing following in Dubai. Does that surprise you, too?
Again, it’s great to have that reaction. Every time I have come to Dubai, it’s been magical.

What's Zero Gravity like to play at?
It’s a perfect location, with the sea on one side, and a backdrop of the maddest skyscrapers I have ever seen. Everything is quality – the food, the bars, even the toilets! An absolutely amazing place to play.

Describe how you feel at sunset, and why your music works so well at that time...
Sunset is the transitional moment where the show shifts up a gear, from epic chill… into ‘off we go’ house and trance. I think it has always been a special moment, where day slips into night and the craziness begins. It is also quite an emotional moment too, and I guess this is why what I do resonates with people. I always try to write music which moves you and takes you somewhere.”

You’ll be returning Dubai in the coming months. What’s on your ‘bucket list’?
Well, I keep getting asked to throw myself out of a perfectly good airplane next door at Skydive Dubai - with a parachute attached, obviously. But I like to keep my feet on the ground. I would quite like to try sand dune boarding; being a bit of a mentalist snowboarder, this appeals to my stupid side...

Aurora Sun:Sets sessions with Chicane returns to Zero Gravity on Fri 13 Feb and Fri 13 Mar, with further dates to be announced. Sets start at 4pm, with free entry before 10pm for males (Dhs100 after), and free entry for ladies until midnight (Dhs100 after). For more information, visit