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Cheryl plans on making changes with her charity!
Tuesday , 12 July 2011
Chezza Charity
Cheryl Cole

Ever since Cheryl Cole was dropped by the X Factor she has been looking for that vehicle to repair her damaged reputation, to propell her back into the A-list arena. Now, she has come up with a genius plan with former manager Hilary Shaw to devise a concert for the Cheryl Cole Foundation, which aims to raise money for underprivileged children in the North East of England.

My source says, “Cheryl is already planning to auction off some of her clothes to raise money for the charity, but is also looking at other avenues to raise much needed funds. She’s mentioned maybe holding a concert in Newcastle where a number of her high profile friends will perform and the ticket sales will go towards the young people in the area. It’s a great idea and Cheryl is always looking for ways to help others and raise money for charity.”

The news follows a disastrous few months for the Girls Aloud singer. First she was dropped by the US version of the X Factor then refused to appear on the UK show despite being offered bucket loads of money.

My source says, “She’s in line to be the next judge on The Voice, which will air on the BBC as a direct rival to the X Factor. She’s also back on friendly terms with her ex-hubby Ashley Cole, and is intent on doing what she wants with her life and career rather than being dictated to by Simon Cowell.”