Cheryl Is Not Fazed

Unbelievably Chezza is still seeing Ashley!
Monday , 25 July 2011
Cheryl Is Not Fazed
Cheryl Cole and Ashley Cole

After the ups and downs this couple have had anyone would think it would be well and truly over, but I hear the end is nowhere in sight for Ashley and Cheryl Cole.

According to my well placed source, the couple have continued to stay in touch over the last few weeks despite a string of ladies popping out of the woodwork claiming they had affairs with Ashley.

My source says, “Ever since Cheryl agreed to take Ashley back he has not been near another woman, he is intent on making it work.”

“Of course he was seeing people while they were apart but who wouldn’t if they were a single man?”

“Cheryl took a long time to take him back and as soon as they met up again he has kept to his word that he wouldn’t go near another woman. Cheryl understands that because while they were apart they were both single. She’s not silly enough to think that he would be celibate in the hope that she would one day take him back.”

According to my source, Cheryl is now intent on keeping her private life well out of the public domain and wants to enjoy herself.

The source adds, “Cheryl wants to focus on her life and making herself happy. She knows how nasty the newspapers can be and ever since they turned on her during the X Factor saga she is making sure she keeps things on the low down.”

“She’s focused on her music, charity and Ashley. She needs time to think things through properly.”