Cheryl Moves Into Mansion!

She’s moving her stuff back into Ash's home...
Wednesday , 10 August 2011
Cheryl Moves Into Mansion!
Cheryl Cole

I can reveal, Newcastle born singer Cheryl Cole will be heading back to England next month to start moving her things back into the Surrey mansion she shared with footballer Ashley Cole.

And, according to my source, who has got the entire Ashley and Cheryl saga correct from beginning to end, Chezza is apparently close to breaking point and she feels Ash is the only one she can turn to.

My source says, “Cheryl hasn’t spoken to Simon Cowell since she walked out on the X Factor project.”

“She has been really down and Ashley has been a great strength for her.”

“She’s been focusing on recording her new album and has enjoyed relaxing and keeping out of the limelight.”

“It’s kind of been a blessing in disguise since she was axed from the X Factor because she now has a stress free life. The malaria scare (which nearly killed her) really made her re-evaluate her priorities in life. She just wants to be happy.”

“If that means her and Ashley getting back together gives her that peace of mind, that comfort she needs to live a happy life then so be it. She’s been through an awful lot.”