Cheryl to Make a Comeback?

15 Nov 2011

Singer sparks rumours she's set to reappear on X Factor

Simon Cowell must be kicking himself for giving Cheryl Cole the boot from X Factor, as since the singer’s departure, viewing figures have dropped by 2.5 million!

The TV tycoon has allegedly begged Cheryl to come back for a one-off appearance in an attempt to boost flailing ratings but she is playing hard to get. Cheryl’s spokesman said, “She is over the X Factor. It’s behind her, she is moving on with other projects.”

The singer is obviously holding a grudge against being dropped from X Factor USA earlier this year after claims that her Geordie accent was too strong for American viewers to understand.

However friends say her mind could still be changed. Cowell made her a generous offer to appear as a behind-the-scenes mentor during one of the final episodes. The source said, “She is thinking about it – Simon has been very generous.”

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