Cheryl Cole's Movie Debut

Singer heads for world domination
Tuesday , 06 September 2011
Cheryl Cole's Movie Debut
Ashley Cole

When Cheryl Cole was dropped from the X Factor US, everybody thought her time was up. But, not so long after she fell off the horse, she’s got right back on her saddle to play a judge in Hollywood blockbuster flick What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

Not only has she landed the plum job, playing what she knows best, a talent show judge, but she’s also starring alongisde JLo and Cameron Diaz.

What’s more, sources tell me that Cheryl’s stateside manager, none other than Black Eyed Peas star, is planning on making her as big as his global smash band.

Our source says, “Will is focusing on Cheryl and cutting an American breaking album. He’s also aware that Girls Aloud are celebrating their tenth anniversary next year so is also making sure they go out with a bang. It will most probably be the end of the band after that.”

According to sources, Cheryl’s camp believe that by 2013 she will be as big as Rihanna! Let’s hope her continued relationship with ex-husband, and love rat, Ashley Cole won’t hamper her chances!

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