Cheryl Cole and Tre Holloway

Cheryl Cole's Boyfriend Tre Holloway Injured After Ignoring Her Advice

05 Oct 2012

Cheryl Cole's boyfriend Tre Holloway suffered an injury because he didn't take her advice, according to the singer.

Cheryl Cole's boyfriend suffered an injury because he didn't take her advice. The Call My Name singer revealed dancer Tre Holloway couldn't resist messing around on a trampoline even though she told him not to and he hurt his knee which stopped him from performing on the opening night of her A Million Lights Tour.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''He did it on the trampoline. I told him not to bounce on it. He'll learn to listen to me.''

Although Tre refuses to listen to Cheryl's advice, things are going from strength to strength for the couple with Cheryl planning a trip to New York to meet his family

A source recently said: ''Cheryl and Tre have been seeing each other for less than a year but they are already very serious about each other. They have been spending a lot of time together recently. He is working on her UK tour and so has been at all of the rehearsals. But this will be a chance for her to see the America that he grew up in.''