Cheryl Cole and Tre Holloway

Cheryl Cole's Birthday Tribute to Boyfriend Tre Holloway Revealed

15 Oct 2012

Cheryl Cole serenaded her boyfriend Tre Holloway on stage to mark his 28th birthday and then threw a lavish party for the hunky dancer

Cheryl Cole serenaded her boyfriend on stage to mark his 28th birthday on Saturday (13 October).

The Promise This hitmaker sang a sexy version of Happy Birthday and a chorus of Stevie Wonder's hit Happy Birthday before kissing Tre Holloway on stage at the Manchester Arena and he was then presented with a giant gold birthday cake by some of his fellow backing dancers.

One audience member tweeted: ''I can't believe I saw Trezza kiss OMG, and I sang with Cheryl and 15,000 other soldiers happy birthday to Tre.''

Cheryl then splashed out a reported £15,000 on a party for the hunk, funding a free bar at lavish nightspot Circle.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: ''Cheryl booked out the most exclusive room in the club, which is the Inner Circle. They were drinking lots of expensive bubbly and the cocktails were free-flowing all night long. Tre is a really good dancer and they were all doing routines together,''

Tre isn't the only person Cheryl has shown generosity to on their birthday.

The Girls Aloud star has sent a set of One Direction dolls to Katy Perry - who she grew close to when they appeared on British programme The Graham Norton Show together - as an early 27th birthday gift ahead of her big day later this month.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Cheryl's been busy with her tour so she wanted to make sure she sent a present well in advance and let Katy know she was thinking of her. She knows what a big fan Katy is of the boys and how she has a major crush on all five of them so she knew Katy would love the dolls.''