Cheryl Cole: Hollywood's new obsession

How a reality TV show winner from Newcastle became one of the most worshipped stars in the world!
Wednesday , 24 November 2010
Cheryl Cole: Hollywood's new obsession
Cheryl Cole

Super-successful in her native UK thanks to her stint in the almost-defunct Girls Aloud and her subsequent solo career, it was receiving her mentor Simon Cowell’s blessing to be a judge on his hit TV talent show, X-Factor, which set 27-year-old Cheryl Cole on the path to becoming “the next Madonna or Mariah Carey” – this according to her NBF, Fergie.

Barely concealing the depth of his obsession with the stunning singer, Simon Cowell recently declared, “Look it’s no secret me and Cheryl are best buddies.” Adding of his place seated next to Cole on the show, “Maybe I’m spending too much time talking to Cheryl and ignoring everyone else.”
But it’s not just in the UK that Cheryl has seen her fame stock rise year after year, Hollywood too has started to sit up and take notice of the feisty star, amid reports Simon’s set to launch his protégé Stateside by making her a judge on the US version of X-Factor.

“If he gets his way, Cheryl will be its star,” a source spilled. “Simon thinks she has amazing presence and her down-to-earth Northern charm will appeal to the American public. She is also an incredibly beautiful girl.”

And although it’s a beauty that didn’t quite manage to captivate her ex-husband, footballer Ashley Cole, enough to stop him from cheating on her numerous times, Cheryl proved she has ultimate spotlight staying power. And she proved this by bouncing back, not only from the split, but from a near-death experience when she contracted malaria and a potentially career-wrecking charge of assault back in 2003 – just a year after she found fame on the Girls Aloud–launching reality TV show, Popstars The Rivals.

Now poised on the brink of achieving what thousands of Brit stars – yes you, Robbie Williams and Oasis! – have failed to do, crack America, we reveal how Cheryl has managed to woo Hollywood’s A-list and uncover the men who are obsessed with her...

The Girl Launched
With insiders spilling that Black Eyed Peas star fell head over heels in love with Cheryl after she was picked to appear as a dancer in the video to his solo hit, Heartbreaker back in 2008, the US star also asked Cheryl to sing back-up vocals on the track.
Cheryl returned the compliment by asking Will to act as one of her ‘helpers’ on X-Factor, mentoring her finalists, leading the BEP star to gush, “She’s cool, she’s a great artist and we’re good friends.” And he set about kickstarting the buzz about her Stateside, by declaring, “I’ve heard she’s going to be a judge on the X-Factor over here. Wow! She’ll do great – the public will love her. I think the US are gonna latch on to her good, she’s awesome.”

The pair reunited last year after collaborating on Cheryl’s debut album 3 Words, and after the news broke in February this year that Ashley Cole had cheated on her when five women came forward to claim affairs, it was Will who set about distracting her by signing her up to support the Black Eyed Peas at their European shows on their E.N.D world tour.

“She was supposed to be the support act. But as it turned out, Cheryl Cole ended up being the main event,” reported the Daily Mail.

“Their friendship has turned into love,” insisted Will’s mum, Debra Cain. “He says she’s an amazing woman. His feelings for her have definitely grown from friendship into love and I believe they’re good for each other.”

Winning Over The Girls
Despite the fierce and back-stabbing competitive nature of the US music industry – especially among the young female stars of the moment – Cheryl has managed to navigate the bitchiness to emerge as the hot UK export everyone’s clamouring to, not only work with, but also be seen to praise the most.

“She is such a good friend. But I don’t think she has quite got her head around how big she is going to be,” insists Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie, who bonded with the Brit during this year’s BEP world tour. “My girl really can rule the world. I have heard crazy things like Robert De Niro wants to make movies with her and that Jay-Z wants to work with her.” Adding, “Within five years we could be talking about Cheryl on the same level as we do Madonna or Mariah Carey.” And the extravagant praise didn’t stop there, as Fergie’s celeb pals jumped on the Cole bandwagon, with Rihanna insisting she wants to work with the singer.

“Rihanna is desperate to work with Cheryl,” spilled a pal. “She fell in love with Cheryl’s single Parachute. She listens to it in her car the whole time. Rihanna really wants to record a track with Cheryl and already has one in mind that she’s convinced she will love.” And the Umbrella star herself has gushed over Cheryl’s stunning looks – “She is awesome, I think she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” RiRi admitted. “Like, how do you have a face like that, with hair like that and dimples, and a body like that, that’s proportioned like that? And you have a successful career, something about that is not right!”

And rounding off the Cole love-fest, both Katy Perry and Selena Gomez have come forward to dish on their love for the star, with Katy calling her “Amazing – nobody should be as beautiful as she is”; and 18-year-old Selena Gomez insisting, “My dream would be to work with Cheryl Cole – I love her!”

Hitting The Big Time With Jay-Z
And the buzz surrounding Cheryl in the US has even seen the famously picky Jay-Z sit up and take notice of the star.

“Cheryl Cole is one of the hottest stars in Britain and within the next six months I expect her to go global,” predicted the hit-maker. “I’ve wanted to talk with her for a while.” Adding, “I keep a close eye on the music industry throughout the world and I know how hot Cheryl is. The US market is the toughest one to break into, but once you do it is by far the most lucrative. I think Cheryl has the talent to do it.”

The 99 Problems rapper also revealed that his wife Beyonce was keeping an eye on Cheryl’s career, revealing, “Bey has seen her perform and she told me how impressed she was.”

And it’s not just Jay-Z who’s been following Cole’s career with an eye to working with her – “Cheryl has a great sound and a great look and is somebody I’d be interested in working with,” says 50 Cent. “I can also introduce her to some of the biggest names in hip hop. Dido broke the US after appearing on Eminem’s album. The same could happen for Cheryl.”

Cole Lotta Love The men suffering from Cheryl fever...
Ed Westwick: “Cheryl is ideal. There’s something about her accent that just does it for me. I’d love to take her for some good old-fashioned fish and chips. My dad is from the north-east and girls with those accents… well, they’re just amazing.”

Justin Bieber: “She’s my type. She’s really hot. If I were older we would date. I’m just too young. It sucks!”

Usher: “I’ve been asking to put us together. She’s beautiful. I would love to work with her. She’s so classic.”

Joe Jonas: “Oh my god, Cheryl Cole! All of Girls Aloud are beautiful, but Cheryl is just like, wow!”

Kanye West: “There is no doubt Cheryl Cole is hot.”

Chace Crawford: “When I saw a picture of Cheryl, I was like, ‘Ooh I like her – she’s got a good body and I like her style’. I’ve never met her, but she wouldn’t have to twist my arm.”

JLS’s Marvin Humes: “It’s not a secret, I fancy Cheryl Cole because she is beautiful. She is perfect.”

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