Cheryl Cole And Tre Holloway On The Rocks?

Cheryl Cole is reportedly worrying he'll stray like Ashley Cole did!
Tuesday , 27 November 2012
Cheryl Cole And Tre Holloway On The Rocks?
Cheryl Cole and Tre Holloway

Cheryl Cole is reportedly tiring of her man Tre Holloway and fears he’ll stray like her ex-husband Ashley Cole did!

Cautious Cheryl, who’s been dating US backing dancer Tre since June, is apparently having “doubts” about their romance and is terrified of having her heart broken.

A source told UK gossip weekly Closer, “There’s some tension there. Cheryl still has trust issues, and Tre wants her to make more time for him.”

The mag reported, “Cheryl and Tre appeared to hit a rocky patch last month. She was reportedly left unhappy after she thought he had been flirting with another dancer.”

And as Cheryl prepares to hit the road with Girls Aloud, insiders fear the separation could be too much for the couple as the Geordie singer refuses to bow to Tre’s demands that she spends more time with him.
Cheryl allegedly told pals, “I won’t be told what to do,” while her chatty chum added, “Things seem to have changed between them. For the first few months they were wrapped around each other, now he can’t understand why she seems to barely want to touch him in public.”
We’ll be keeping our eyes on this one!

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