Chef Reif Othman

Chef Reif Othman

25 Nov 2019

He’s helmed the kitchen at high-end restaurants across the UAE

•Opening my own restaurant with my own investment – Reif Japanese Kushiyaki at Dar Wasl Mall has been a key highlight of 2019. It’s like a third ‘baby’ for me – the feeling is so different to working for others; so much more empowering, even though I’ve been lucky in my previous roles to have autonomy to run the kitchens.

•I moved to Dubai from my home, Singapore, 12 years ago, and now consider the UAE a home-away-from-home with my wife and two children. The city’s entrepreneurial spirit is very heartening.

•I am building a school in Zanzibar to provide education for underprivileged children. These kids are so kind and grateful, and inspire me to do good where I can.

•To minimise food wastage, I believe in knowing your product and using it wisely. For instance, all parts of the animal and vegetables are used such as the chicken from local hormone-free Family Meat Farm, with the neck to the liver and bone, all utilised. In line with our sustainable ethos, the first bottle of tap-filtered still and sparkling water is complimentary, while all straws are reusable metal.

•I’d love to see a UAE law passed that makes it compulsory for all restaurants to offer tap-filtered water on their menus. If establishments want to offer local or imported water as well, so be it, but we should be giving the consumer an affordable option, like anywhere else in the world