Chef Izu Ani

Chef Izu Ani

25 Nov 2019

His restaurants are some of our favourites in Dubai

•The highlights of my year were undoubtedly the launches of Fika, Aya, and of course Gaia, and establishing their places within the F&B environment in Dubai.

•My mother inspired my career by showing me how important it is to take on passion projects and really run with them if they are a good fit. She found my passion for cooking the day I got back home from a cooking class and I brought back a dish that she loved. That year she asked me to make the dish for Christmas dinner. Everyone loved it, which motivated me to pursue this as a career.

•I don’t believe in mistakes, whether good or bad, life offers you experiences from which you learn. The road to success is always under construction, so just keep building!

•I do what I can do within the space that I live in to be as sustainable and use materials that are less harmful to the environment.

•The UAE is the land of opportunities. It’s a place where you can dream big and do great things if you have the right attitude. Here, if you dream it, you can build it.

•Never give up and always believe that the impossible is possible. There’s no limit to what your mind can achieve if you’re determined enough.

•I look forward to growing the restaurants that I’ve opened in the UAE and expanding to new territories in the future.