Cheating's Aloud

Cheryl Back With Love-Rat Ashley
Tuesday , 01 July 2008
Cheating's Aloud
Cheryl and Ashley were holding hands, looking very much like a married couple again

Despite vowing to kick out any man who ever betrayed her, it seems CHERYL COLE really thinks cheating's Aloud.

The singer looks to be very much back together with her love-rat husband ASHLEY COLE, despite allegations he cheated on her in December with a down-trodden hairdresser.

Trusting Cheryl came out in defense of her man when the allegations first surfaced, claiming he had told her all about the mystery woman and swore nothing had happened.

But just days after her very public defense, Cheryl was left devastated and humiliated when a British tabloid exposed the Chelsea and England defender as a liar, catching him on camera admitting the affair.

Since then the couple have not been pictured together and had both stopped wearing their wedding rings.

But after being pictured smiling and happy last night on a date to celebrate the GIRLS ALOUD singer's 25th birthday, it seems they are getting their marriage back on track.

Althought they are still not wearing their wedding rings, the couple have been working on their relationship and recently spent the weekend together in Spain's Costa del Sol during a break in filming for the X Factor, on which Cheryl is a talent judge.