Charlie Sheen's exes speak out!

Read what they had to say about his shocking announcement...
ByHend FadelTuesday , 17 November 2015
Charlie Sheen's exes speak out!
Charlie Sheen is set to appear on the Today Show for a personal announcement

Charlie Sheen is set to appear on NBC’s The Today Show Tuesday morning for a personal announcement, after reports have claimed that he has been HIV positive for four years and has kept it a secret.

The actor, known for his role on CBS’s Two and a Half Men, has caused quite a stir, and many of his exes can't believe that the actor would ever put his loved ones at risk. One of his exes, Natalie Kenly, told that she cannot believe her ex would ever be recklessly promiscuous. "He is not a monster, and he has regard for human beings and cares about people. I do not see him knowingly putting women at risk," she said.

"That is not who he is... He's got young kids. He's also not an idiot and I don't see him opening himself up to that legal nightmare, he's a good man and I feel very fortunate to have spent the time with him that I did, and I'm so sad to hear of his health troubles. I hope he's OK,” she added.

Meanwhile, Bree Olson, Charlie’s other ex-girlfriend insisted that she has not contracted HIV from him. She took to her website to assure fans she was not ill, and said: “There are speculations circling that one of my ex boyfriends from years ago may have contracted the HIV virus," she wrote, not naming Sheen. "They are rumours and I know nothing more than anyone else."

"I, myself have been to my gynaecologist at least once a year since we split up and have always been tested across the board for everything and have come back clean across the board every time.”

Sources told Access Hollywood that Sheen's ex-wife Denise Richards has known about the actor's alleged HIV diagnosis for years, and an insider insists that neither the actress nor the pair's two daughters have been infected with the virus.

Charlie will sit down for a live interview later today with Today show frontman Matt Lauer and will make "a revealing personal announcement", according to a press release.

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