Charlie Sheen's Cellphone Meltdown

12 Dec 2011

Charlie Sheen was trying to contact Justin Bieber when he accidentally posted his own phone number on Twitter

You’ve got to double-check before clicking on ‘post’ or ‘send’ or face the consequences, and Charlie Sheen learnt that the hard way when he was forced to ditch his old cellphone number after accidentally posting it on his Twitter page. It happened as Charlie was trying to send a private message to Justin Bieber. 

No clues yet as to why Charlie wanted to get in touch with Justin, but he did send the teen superstar a note with his contact number on 7 December. He also made a mistake and actually tweeted the post to his 5.5 million followers.

The message, which read, "310-954-7277 Call me bro. C", was quickly posted online by fans - and they immediately started dialling the actor's number to see if it was really him.

The former Two and a Half Men star was eating dinner at a restaurant in Las Vegas at the time of his Twitter accident - and was forced to switch his phone off after it just wouldn’t stop ringing.

A source told the New York Post's Page Six column, "Charlie's phone immediately went into meltdown. It was ringing wildly, and he got 1,800 text messages in minutes.”

The actor saw the funny side of it though, and even answered the phone a few times, saying things like, 'Ray's Pizza' and (his catchphrase) 'Winning'. “But his phone just continued ringing and buzzing and eventually just completely melted down. Charlie was like, 'I guess I need a new phone,'" the source continued.

Even Charlie’s representative had trouble getting in touch with him – his spokesperson said, "I haven't been able to get through to him on the phone since Wednesday. He just got a new number."