Charlie Sheen goes from bad to worse

Charlie Sheen needs help!

26 Oct 2010

Why the star is being admitted for psychiatric evaluation

According to recent reports, Charlie Sheenhas, well, lost the plot. The Hollywood star has been in and out of the court room since the alleged attack on his ex-wife, Booke Mueller which led to jail time, but things seem to have gone from bad to worse. The Two And A Half Men Star has been admitted to hospital after a drug-fuelled fiasco that had him flip out when he thought his wallet had been stolen. He was later admitted to hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Denise Richard’s, the mother of Charlie’s two children was there when he was admitted into care. “I do know what happened and I did help him at the hospital,” she said. But she refrained from further comment stating it would be best to speak to Charlie.

Charlie and Denise have two daughters Sam, 6 and Lola, 5.

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