Charlie Sheen back to work

Charlie Sheen Back To Work

16 Mar 2010

But he’ll spend his nights in rehab

After taking a three week break from his hit show in order to enter rehab as a “preventative measure”, it was also announced that the Two and a Half Men star will be returning to set this week, but will spend nights in rehab.

"Charlie is looking forward to going back to work for the final four episodes of Two and Half Men," says the show's executive producer, Mark Burg. "He's also looking forward to clearing his name, putting all of this behind him and spending time with his kids during his hiatus."

This week also saw Charlie plead not guilty to charges following on from his Christmas Day attack on his wife Brooke Mueller. Both Charlie and Brooke are both undergoing rehab separately. A three-day trial is set to begin on July 21 where Charlie will defend charges that he threatened his wife Brooke.

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