Charlie & Brooke: What’s Going On?!

11 Mar 2010

The fights, the death threats, the accusations... inside a crazy Hollywood relationship!

When the news broke on Christmas Day last year that Charlie Sheen had been arrested following a domestic disturbance – with his wife Brooke Mueller, telling police he’d threatened her with a knife – Tinseltown rolled its eyes at yet another public altercation involving this Hollywood bad boy. But as the allegations came thick and fast, with Brooke later telling officers she’d been drunk when she dialled 911 before checking into two different rehab facilities, Charlie’s ex-wife Denise Richards staging an intervention and Charlie himself entering rehab, the sleazy story became about more than just a domestic disturbance. Ahlan! reveals what’s really going down between the embattled pair and why they’re so terrified of each other...

‘I’ll Kill You’
In super-chic Aspen, Colorado for Christmas, sources say Charlie and Brooke hadn’t seen each other for weeks beforehand, as Charlie filmed Two And A Half Men in LA. And according to Brooke’s affidavit to police, she said that Charlie had grabbed her by the throat while straddling her on a bed, “then pulled out a knife, holding it to her throat, saying, ‘You better be in fear. If you tell anybody I’ll kill you... I have ex-police I can hire who know how to get the job done and they won’t leave any trace.’”

Brooke ‘Wants Out’
After both Brooke and Charlie told cops the fight started when Brooke said she wanted a divorce and custody of their eight-month-old twin boys, an insider spilled, “Brooke wants out. She’s worried though, because Charlie has a lot of dirt on her. Using drugs while raising children is obviously a horrible situation… For Charlie, he’s terrified Brooke can help Colorado prosecutors send him to jail. For Brooke, she knows Charlie knows all the dirt about her drug and alcohol use.”

Both In Rehab
After revealed that troubled actress Brooke had gone to rehab for alcohol-related issues when she was five months pregnant, she found herself entering rehab again last month, before quitting, citing privacy issues. Brooke then quit her second rehab facility and moved home to get sober, taking her therapists with her. And the actor then checked himself into a separate rehab facility, in what his rep called a “preventative measure.”

The Future...
As the estranged pair continue to go to war with one another, sources have come forward to dish the sleazy dirt on their marriage, alleging Charlie – a former client of Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss – and Brooke “have had more than one woman share their bed whilst married.” While another mole adds, “The marriage is a nightmare. But each one is worried about ways the other one can hurt them.”

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