104.8 Channel 4 Introduce The Radio Spa To The UAE

Radio station teams up with German Neuroscience Centre to combat road stress
Wednesday , 28 January 2015
104.8 Channel 4 Introduce The Radio Spa To The UAE
A view of calmness and serenity. No, really...

Whether you’re behind the wheel or behind a taxi driver, traffic jams can be every UAE resident’s worst nightmare. Apparently, studies have repeatedly shown that being held up in gridlock while on your way to work or play is the biggest cause of stress amongst residents here – and we know that stress can lead to all manner of things.

With that in mind – and being fully aware of our unabating love for spa treatments  – 104.8 Channel 4 has teamed up with the German Neuroscience Centre to launch the world’s first 'Radio Spa'.

Here comes the Science Bit: the boffins at the GNC hit upon and looked into the concept of ‘Alpha Waves’ – sounds that can massage our minds and are scientifically proven to calm our frayed nerves in times of stress. Having a range between 7 to 12 Hz, these sounds can literally slow down the brainwaves to induce relaxation, which is where Channel 4 come in; they identified music containing Alpha waves, and are playing them in 30-second capsules during drive time, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiative to reduce traffic stress in the UAE. So if it's getting hectic on the roads, sit back, tune in, open your ears, and relax... INFO: www.channel4fm.com