Chanel Black Pearl Nail Colour

See how well this amazing Chanel nail colour lasted in our pedi test
Sunday , 17 April 2011
Chanel Black Pearl Varnish
Chanel Black Pearl Varnish
After three weeks!
After three weeks!

Product: Chanel Black Pearl Nail Colour
Price: Dhs113

Chanel counters nationwide

We say: “Pedi princess seeks sleek metallic grey nail varnish to complete outfit, must provide solid colour, no chipping after first date.” Thank you, Chanel, you must have read our minds; the Black Pearl Nail Colour from the spring 2011 collection is elegant yet edgy, and – when worn with a topcoat – it has serious staying power. Our pedi didn’t budge for weeks!

They say: “Black Pearl – a pearly grey shimmering with deep blue and green reflections, like a black pearl from the Pacific.”

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