Chaka Khan Defends Rihanna Ahead of Masterjam NYE Concert

The music legend is clearly a fan of Rihanna
Tuesday , 16 December 2014
Chaka Khan Defends Rihanna Ahead of Masterjam NYE Concert
Ain't Nobody! Chaka Khan is coming to Dubai

On New Year's Eve Chaka Khan will join music legends The Jacksons, Chaka Khan, Gloria Gaynor, Nile Rodgers and Chic and disco queen Kathy Sledge at Masterjam. So Team Ahlan! caught up with the 61-year-old ahead of her trip to Dubai to quiz her about Christmas, crazy fans and Rihanna being more of a visual artist than a vocal one.

Is this your first time in Dubai? What will you be getting up to?
No, I was in Dubai back in the 90s and it was amazing. I had the best time. We did a gig on the beach and really chilled out in the sun. I can’t wait to return. This time I’m going to go see the Burj Khalifa and I’m looking forward to buying some of that famous UAE gold too.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has said to you?
Lots of crazy stuff. Normally I have a few guys asking me to marry them. “You have to be my wife”, or “Chaka why can’t we run away together and get hitched”. That’s pretty normal for me now so I would say that’s the craziest thing ever.

How do you feel about young stars like Ariana Grande and Rihanna using their bodies to sell records?
The thing about those girls is that they don’t need to do all that. Rihanna at least has a beautiful voice and she could probably sell records without showing off her skin. Problem is the industry has changed since back in my day. The business is so different now. It used to be audio and now it’s visual so I can see why they do it, but it’s not totally necessary.

Do you think the X Factor is good for the music industry?
I don’t think it’s good or bad. It’s just there, you know? It gives a light to singers who we would have never seen before, but I don’t think it’s good or bad for music.

What’s favourite thing about Christmas?
That it comes and it goes.

So you’re not a fan then?
Well it’s just another holiday. There’s so many holidays now you know that I don’t have time for them all.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?
My resolution for 2015 is to stay alive.

The New Year’s Eve Master Jam promises to be an ultimate all-round party experience, with grandstands complete with their own bar and built-in dance floor, revelers will not miss a minute of the action. Disco divas looking to get up-close to the action can secure themselves a place in the front-of-stage Golden Circle, while private Platinum Pods for up to 30 guests, complete with their own team of staff – boasting waiters, security and bar tenders, can also be purchased.

So dress up, get practicing the hustle and the bump and ready to take a trip down memory lane at this star-studded end of year celebration.

INFO: Doors open at 6pm on 31 Dec 2014, 21 and over, Tickets from 20 November,, starting from Dhs295 

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