New York's Central Park is coming to Dubai

24 Feb 2019
By Ahlanlive.com

For real

Anything New York can do, Dubai can do better. 

Allow us to expand: A neighbourhood inspired by the famous New York City spot is going to be built in City Walk. Spanning a mammoth 230,000 square metres, Central Park at City Walk will include 12 terraced mid-rise residential buildings that will surround a lush 40,000 square metre private park. Plus tennis and basketball courts, swimming pools, spas, cafes and a huge multi-purpose play area. Wow. 

The residential buildings will be deisgned using high-end materials that blend with the natural environment, including plants and flowers suspended in hanging baskets from balcony edges.

Central Park at City Walk will also be one of the most connected and easiest to access communities in the city - we're talking just two minutes from City Walk’s retail complex, a10-minute drive from Jumeirah Beach, 15 minutes from the Burj Al Arab, 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport and 20 minutes from Dubai Marina.

Exciting times ahead.