Celine: "Dubai is the place to be"

What did fans make of the concert last Weds?
Sunday , 09 March 2008
Celine: "Dubai is the place to be"

We've heard mixed reports over here.Some say she didn't play for long enough. Some say half the expensive seats were empty whilst everyone was crammed into the cheap seats. Others say they couldn't see anything except a tiny figure on a big screen. What did you think?

After not allowing any media photographers in, her PR's are reporting Celine Dion's Live in Dubai concert "was an exceptional success, exceeding all expectations". The concert which Dubai had been anticipating since November 2007, had all 12, 000 fans singing along with great enthusiasm, apparently. Do you agree?

Celine emerged in a Kaftan, looking as glamorous as ever - we knew she would after seeing her gorgeous at the press conference. She started her set with all time hits ‘I drove all night' and ‘Power of Love', before launching into her latest hit ‘Taking Chances'. Were you impressed, or not?

The Canadian artist spoke on stage about her 3 day experience in Dubai, referring to the city as a "a beautiful place, where the action is, the city of the future". Celine told fans that when she decided to go a world tour she knew it would not be without stopping in Dubai.

Celine ended her speech shouting "shukran" out to all her Arab fans, who were ecstatic to hear the diva speak in their native language. She also covered classic hits by legends Queen and James Brown.  

Royalty and celebrities adorned the VIP lounge in their haute-couture. Princess Haya was spotted with an entourage of girlfriends, while Roger Federer, visiting Dubai for the Dubai Tennis Championship, chose to keep his presence more low key, staying out of the spot light and focusing on Celine Dion's vocals.

Tell us what you thought of Celine last Wednesday - was it all as good as you'd hoped?