Celebs Vs. Hurricane Irene

Elizabeth Hurley caught in storm while filming Gossip Girl
Celebs Vs. Hurricane Irene
Liz Hurley

British actress Elizabeth Hurley is currently filming TV show Gossip Girl in New York, and rather than evacuating during Sunday’s hurricane, she decided to stay in her Manhattan hotel.

Updating her fans on her situation on Sunday (28 August), Liz revealed, "All thoughts go out to everyone seriously affected by Irene. We seem to have got off lightly in mid Manhattan. Just rain and high winds. Still a ghost town though – no tourists, no transport, no restaurants, no shops. Almost creepy.”

Alec Baldwin was another New York celebrity who was affected by the storm but fled the city to avoid Hurricane Irene. The 30 Rock star fled to his East Hampton bolthole. Hurricane Irene struck New York on Sunday morning - but by the evening Baldwin was already on his way home.

In a post on his Twitter page, he writes, “Just arrived back into a post-Irene NY. I found the hurricane.....draining.”

Residents in low-lying areas of the Big Apple were told to leave their properties over the weekend in a bid to avoid the storm. Other celebrities in New York at the time the hurricane hit included Sarah Jessica Parker, Khloe Kardashian and Nick Cannon.

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