Celebs Speak Out on London Riots

Lily Allen and Kelly O lead Brit pack words on war
Tuesday , 09 August 2011
Celebs Speak Out on London Riots

The not so hot topic hitting headlines the past few days has been the London
riots but the war on the streets burst into an all time high over night with
thugs causing mass destruction across the city. After the chaos kicked off,
British celebrities were the first to speak out on the trouble branding the
event ‘mindless’.

Leading singers (who were both in Dubai earlier this year) Lily Allen and
Jessie J took their words to Twitter. “Are we on the brink of civil war or
something?” said Lily. Jessie J then said “This is NOT how to gain respect.
This is NOT how to get justice. This is NOT how to gain peace. Am I in a film
or real life?!”

Kelly Osbourne continued the conversation saying “w/ the greatest of respect
the police are not educated enough to deal with this kind of destruction so why
don’t they bring in the bloody army.” Leona Lewis also commented saying, “This
is so mindless and needs to stop u r ruining our area wrecking people's homes
and business.”