Celebs Recycling Outfits – Savvy Styling or Fashion Faux Pas?

13 Jun 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Get a look at these pics of Jennifer Aniston, Kate Middleton and Kristen Stewart to decide for yourself

Some celebs like Paris Hilton and Dolly Parton have sworn they’ll never wear the same outfit twice, but we’ve discovered that despite their millions, many stars are going frugalista and repeating their ensembles. Check out the proof that it’s not only normal people who recycle their dresses again and again, and again…

Jennifer Aniston
Jen sure loves this Dolce&Gabbana suit, and we can see why! The actress wore the figuring-hugging outfit twice, to a screening and to an awards show, and wowed on both occasions. The moral of the story? If an outfit makes you look fab and you accessorise differently, you’re good to recycle it once.

Kate Middleton
She married a Prince but even Kate re-wears dresses like this Emilia Wickstead one, much to the disdain of Kelly Osbourne, who slammed the Duchess, saying, “In England they are like ‘Look how thrifty she’s being, showing the British public that the Royals are in a recession as well’, only in this country they call it a faux pas.”

Vivienne Westwood
The fashion elite are occasionally caught recycling dresses, especially if they’re wearing their own design! Here, Vivienne attends her own store launch and a red carpet premiere wearing the same white cut-out gown by, wait for it – Vivienne Westwood! If the designers are doing it, then it must be OK, right?

Kristen Stewart
You know that comfy outfit you always put aside for flights? Well, this is Kristen’s. She re-wore the exact same number twice in 10 days, getting snapped walking around Paris and New York City airports. There’s no shame in this, Kirsten, don’t look so blue!

Christina Hendricks
Christina loves this midnight blue and black Carolina Herrera dress so much that she wore it to a Mad Men gala and then again just a week later at a fashion show! She failed to change her accessories, even wearing the same statement shoes with the ensemble. We have our fashion eye on you, Christina.

Helena Bonham Carter
Helena has worn this fierce red and black ensemble a whopping four times! The actress has made no real effort to mask the outfit repeat, except a slight change in hairstyle. It must be her fave, since she wears it over and over again with pride. Then again, Helena features frequently on our worst dressed lists…