Celebs dressing up for Halloween

We love it when the stars get creative
BySarah Hedley HymersMonday , 02 November 2015
Celebs dressing up for Halloween
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For most starlets Halloween is just an excuse to go out in public wearing nothing but their underwear – yawn! – but there are some female celebs who boast more creativity than that. My top three favourites over the years have been Heidi Klum in her skin peel outfit, Kim Kardashian in her skeletal catsuit (complete with hidden waist-shaper, I suspect) and Iggy Azalea in her White Chicks clobber, which was her retort to Snoop Dogg saying she resembled the Wayans brothers in their comedy about going undercover as white women. I can’t wait to see what these fancy dressers come up with this year. 

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