Celebs in Action

27 Aug 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

HOT PICS: From Suri Cruise to Liv Tyler, celebs do the funniest things...

Diva In Training
Suri Cruise certainly knows how to charm the paps! The mini-diva not only demands to be carried everywhere by mum Katie Holmes, she refuses to pose for a nice photo. We can’t wait to show her these pics when she’s grown up!

Instagram Love At V Fest
Cougar alert! Alexandra Burke uses her VIP pass to track down and hug 18-year-old Niall Horan from One Direction backstage at the festival.

Oh Hi, Boys!
Liv Tyler shows off her toothy new look. Quite the improvement, don’t you think?

Guilty Giggles
Famous friends, Gossip singer Beth Ditto and designer Henry Holland, look a little worse for wear after a hard festival weekend. (See Beth’s new makeup range on p50.)

“Help me! Or don’t...”
Comedian Keith Lemon, aka Leigh Francis, tries to look scared but can’t mask his joy at getting his hands on beauties Laura Aikman and Kelly Brook.