Celebs in Action

18 Jan 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

HOT PICS: From Kate Middleton to Will Smith, celebs do the funniest things...

Queen Bee

Kate Middleton has a Princess moment when she’s given the wrong coloured roses. You can’t make those demands till you’re Queen, Kate.

Ab Fab

Producer Ryan Kavanaugh demonstrates to the media why new movie Haywire will be a success – Channing Tatum’s abs. Channing agrees, naturally.


The cast of One Tree Hill try out their best ‘laughs for the camera’ poses. Perhaps Tyler (right) should have gone for the role of evil villain instead.

Sneaky Snatch

Stella McCartney catches Liv Tyler trying to make off with one of her jackets, but then gives it to her anyway....we mean it is Liv!

It’s Stuck!

Tom Selleck suddenly realises the truth behind his mother’s warning – if you make that face you will get stuck with it. Shame he didn’t listen!

The Shame!

Will Smith hides his head when Sony President Sir Howard Stringer thinks his latest tune is a joke. Poor thing.


Ashley Spencer was over-excited to see her cast member Jeremy Jordan. He just wishes she had eaten a breath mint first.

Left, Right...

Glee’s Lea Michele struggles to walk straight after one too many glasses of bubbly at the pre-event party.