Celebs in Action

20 Dec 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

HOT PICS: From Miley Cyrus to Nicole Scherzinger, stars do the funniest things...


Miley Cyrus tries to keep her cool as her heel gets caught in her billowing dress. Number one rule of celebrity – do not fall on the red carpet.

Is It Two Ts?

Paula Patton is so stunned by the fans at Dubai International Film Festival that she forgets how to spell her own name.

Strike A Pose

Jessie J centres her inner Madonna, or is she just about to faint? We can’t really tell under all her gothic makeup.

Nic Vs Nicki

Nicole Scherzinger tries out her best Nicki Minaj impression but ends up just looking like a crazy person. Leave it to the professionals, love.


LeAnn Rimes bores herself so much that she falls asleep standing up mid-song! Oh dear.

She’s Mine!

Greedy Robert Downey Jr tries to shove Jude Law out of the picture and steal Noomi Rapace all for himself.


German designer Karl Lagerfeld tries his best to give Princess Caroline a hug. Go on Caro  - stop being a prude!