Celebs in Action

06 Dec 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

HOT PICS: From Lady Gaga to Kim K, celebs do the funniest things...

In Gagaland

From the meat suit to every other whacky costume you can imagine,  Lady Gaga secretly believes she’s in Alice in Wonderland!

And Pose!

Kim hopes that a five-minute photo-opportunity in a soup kitchen will win her back public support. Kim it’s too late for that!

It’s Xmas!

No-one likes to be outdone in the Christmas decorations department, so Heidi Klum not-so-discreetly pockets her favourite bauble!

Night Fever

Despite clearly being aimed at the kids, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott get way more into the dance moves than Stella and Liam.

Yes One Agrees

Prince William really has no idea what these people are saying to him. But he knows that as long as he keeps smiling and nodding they’ll go away eventually!

Hoff Watch

David Hasselhoff fondly remembers the days before he ate ‘that hamburger’. When and why did it all go so wrong??!

Safety First

Times are getting tough for Dannii Minogue, who was spotted training as a Virgin hostess. She was quickly dismissed for forgetting her uniform.

A Strike??

It was all going so well for pop star Avril Lavigne, until a last-minute face-plant on the line caused her to lose the strike. Oh no!