Celebs in Action

09 Nov 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

HOT PICS: From J-Lo to Justin Timberlake celebs do the funniest things...

Beetle Juice

Following an unfortunate incident involving his finger and a plug socket, Jared Leto decided to re-use his Halloween costume. Bzzz!

I Can’t Read

Cougar Town actress Busy Phillips always memorises her lines by getting people to repeat them to her. She recently got caught out.

One Is Amused

On a visit Down Under One must do their best to integrate with the locals. Here the Queen seems confused as another person enters her tram...

Ant Balerina

Most A-listers use the red carpet to pose and try their hardest to look like they don’t want to be there. Refreshingly Antonio used it to waltz.


With her career, jet-set lifestyle and now Bradley Cooper on her mind, JLo was reminded that there are some things that must be done in private...


On seeing his ex Lisa Snowdon with a new fella, George puts on his “most menacing face” to try and scare him away. 

Pretty Betty

America Ferrera has finally come out of her shell and into the dating game. But she hasn’t yet heard the expression “three’s a crowd”...

What Is It?

Spotting a microphone, Justin has a memory of something... “Ah yes, I used to be a musician...”