Celebs in Action

02 Nov 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

HOT PICS: From Amanda Seyfried to Barack Obama celebs do the funniest things...

Pull My Finger

Amanda Seyfried plays the age-old game “pull my finger and see what happens”, explaining why boyfriend Dominic Cooper occasionally keeps his distance.


Kevin Jonas is whispering to his brothers, “Hold that pose. If you don’t move, they won’t be able to see us,” while surronded by a troupe of white people.

I Can’t Play...

Antonio Banderas does everything he can think of to avoid actually playing the guitar... Next up juggling!


Milla Jovovich shows off her ring, earrings and hideously sparkly clutch bag. What were you thinking Milla? Resident Evil springs to mind!

Jonny Shiver

Jonny Buckland tries his hardest to incorporate hitting his funny bone with his Coldplay dance moves...

Who wants it?

After almost three years in the White House, Obama finally drops his diplomatic facade and was spotted looking for George Bush, while muttering to himself.

It’s a hat!

There’s always someone who stops everyone else enjoying a film. This time it’s Steven Spielberg, who’s not even wearing his 3-D glasses.


Elle Macpherson pulls her ‘scariest face ever’ pose while auditioning for the next Halloween film. She should definitely get it with that creepy pose.