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With Victoria Beckham recently slated for not spicing up her Twitter updates for her 900,000 followers, Ahlan! takes a look at some of the best and worst celebrity Tweeters...
Wednesday , 20 April 2011
Singer Britney Spears
Singer Britney Spears
Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry
Rapper Snoop Dogg
Rapper Snoop Dogg
Lily Allen
Lily Allen
Actor Ashton Kutcher
Actor Ashton Kutcher
Author Bret Easton Ellis
Author Bret Easton Ellis
Television personality Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi
Television personality Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

Britney(Pop Star) @britneyspears
It’s Britney B*tch!
Sample Tweet:“Jason and I saw “Hall Pass” last night. So funny! Jason is NEVER getting a Hall Pass!”
Ahlan! Verdict:Great to get the latest goss on her tours and collaborations. It was here that news broke about her tour with Nicki Minaj.

Stephen Fry (British Comedian And Author) @stephenfry
British Actor, Writer, Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear Blogger.
Sample Tweet:“600 people went to the theatre, not to see Oliver but to compete in a paper chocolate wrapper rustling competition. Others came to cough.”
Ahlan! Verdict:He updates all the time and his quips are worth it.

Snoop Dogg
(International Rap Star, chuch!) @SnoopDogg
SnoopDogg.com New Album Doggumentary Available on iTunes Now!!
Sample Tweet:“Live from my hotel room Gold Coast AUS - NBA 2K11 before tha bigg BBQ jaccc!!! At an undisclosed location.....”
Ahlan! Verdict:There’s no doubt we love Snoop for schizzle, but his Tweets are only interesting when he’s not promoting something, which he does a lot.

Lily Allen(Pop Star) @lilyroseallen
I can babble a little.
Sample Tweet:“In LA, muuchoos papos at the airport, first IN’N’OUT in 3 years,DOUBLE DOUBLE SO GOOD, back to the wedding diet now, snorezzz.”
Ahlan! Verdict:Boy she wasn’t lying when she said she can babble. She certainly does… about anything.

Ashton Kutcher(Actor And Model)@aplusk (personal) and @AshtonKutcher (general)
Follow me!
Sample Tweet:“Just updated my flip board app on the iPad holy mother of mothers this thing is sick.” – (personal) “Maybe you need to become a scientologist to brainwash yourself back to normal.” – (general).
Ahlan! Verdict:If he’s not rambling on about some political campaign that him and Demi Moore are involved in he’s posting pics off their fab life… it’s simply too much.
Followers:6,549,542 (personal) and 33,138 (general)

Bret Easton Ellis(Cult Author) @BretEastonEllis
American Psycho 20th Anniversary Edition Spring 2011.
Sample Tweet:“Unless Rihanna and Britney are singing anything off Sleigh Bells or Beach House or Janelle Monae or Best Coast then I’m not interested…”
Ahlan! Verdict:His best Tweets were unprintable, but the famous American author is a regular updater and his posts are frequently hilarious and always eloquent.

Nicole Polizzi(Jersey Shore Reality TV Star) @Sn00ki
Reality star . ny times bestselling author . business woman . boss lady Keep Talkin ;)
Sample Tweet:“Good morning tweedos! Early morning for me, a little gee tee ell sess ”
Ahlan! Verdict:Jersey Shore fans will love this as Snooki, the show’s fave guidette, Tweets around the clock giving us her best sayings and snippets, which are endearingly funny, occassionally catty but always entertaining much like herself.”
Followers: 1,846,11

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