Celebrity Superheroes

16 May 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

From Ryan Gosling to Mila Kunis, these stars aren't just heroes in movies – they have saved the day in real life too

Superhero: Ryan Gosling
Superpower: Hunky Ryan has played the hero on not one, but two occasions! Last year in New York City, Ry busted up a fight between two men attempting to steal a painting. Then, in April, the leading man saved a British journalist from getting hit by a taxi! “An actor happened to be passing and stopped me from getting run over by a car. I said ‘thank you.’ And that was that. The actor happened to be Ryan Gosling,” the lucky journo tweeted.

Superheroes: Demi Moore and Nia Vardalos
Superpower: While Demi Moore has been making headlines for needing a helping hand, she has also had her superhero moment, shared with My Big Fat Greek Wedding star Nia Vardalos. The two leading ladies alerted Florida police after a male fan tweeted that he was contemplating suicide. “R U rlly asking 4 help?” Demi tweeted back. Nia quickly phoned a suicide hotline and informed fans: “Just spoke to FL police again, they’re with [him] now. He is OK, it’s not a hoax. Thank u all for sending love.”

Superhero: Patrick Dempsey
Superpower: At the end of April, Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr McDreamy pulled a teen out of a burning, overturned car. The young driver lost control of his Mustang, which then flipped over several times and landed in Patrick’s yard. McDreamy rushed out with a fire extinguisher, crow bar and first aid kit and pulled the driver from the wreck and called an ambulance. The teen escaped with only a few bumps and bruises!

Superhero: Prince Harry
Superpower: He gets into his fair share of trouble, but Hazza has also played his superhero card. In April, businessman and polo player Bash Kazi crashed to the ground during a polo match. Harry leapt off his horse, rolled Kazi over and stayed with him until he regained consciousness. The Prince’s first-aid techniques are spot-on thanks to his army training!

Superhero: Mila Kunis
Superpower: She may look more like a Black Swan ballerina than a superhero, but Mila Kunis helped save the life of a 50-year-old man after he suffered a seizure in her house last week! The man was working when he started coughing up blood and choking. Mila immediately moved him to a safe recovery position and had a friend call an ambulance. When paramedics came, she even offered to travel in the ambulance with the man but was told that she had helped all she could. The man has since made a total recovery!

Superhero: Zoe Saldana
Superpower: When Zoë was driving in LA in January, she saw an elderly woman get into a serious car crash. She pulled over and rushed to her aid, helping her out of the car and calling an ambulance. An onlooker told People magazine, “While waiting for help to arrive, Zoë returned to the woman’s car and picked up the woman’s handbag and sweater. Zoë was very caring and sweet.” Did she learn those good samaritan moves from Avatar?

Superhero: Brad Pitt
Superpower: Brad definitely tops our list of gents we’d like to have rush to our rescue! For an extra on the set of World War Z in Scotland last summer, that actually happened. When she slipped on set and was nearly trampled, Brad rushed to her aid. “I don’t think she could believe it when Brad picked her up,” an onlooker told The Scottish Sun.

Superhero: Kate Winslet
Superpower: There was nothing she could do to help a drowning Leo DiCaprio in Titanic, but in real life, Kate can play the hero. The starlet was a guest at Sir Richard Branson’s Caribbean estate in August 2011 when the house was engulfed in flames. One of the 20 other guests at the house was Sir Richard’s 90-year-old mother Eve, and Kate ran through the burning house to save her. “She swept her up into her arms and got her out of the house as fast as possible,” Richard told Britain’s ITV News.