Star Fitness Guru Chats to Ahlan! During Visit to Doha

London pilates instructor Lynne Robinson, whose clients include Hugh Grant, Liz Hurley and Sophie Dahl, gives us the lowdown on celeb-style training
ByDawn GibsonSunday , 08 December 2013
Star Fitness Guru Chats to Ahlan! During Visit to Doha
You'll be more toned, stronger and have greater flexibility if you add pilates to your routine, Lynne says

You’ve worked with some fairly big names in showbiz. Is it different instructing celebs?

It’s no different. Their concerns are the same. What is most important is discretion and treating them the same as any other client.

What’s Hugh Grant like to work with?

Hugh Grant is absolutely gorgeous.  I was ecstatic to work with him.

And what about Liz Hurley? She has an amazing body – Is pilates part of the secret to her fabulous figure?

Our pilates programme helped Liz through her pregnancy.  When I work with celebrities, it is usually with a specific ‘look’ that is in harmony with their style.  For example, most want to slim and not build bulky muscle.  It is important to be sensitive to this image, as it’s so important to their business.

What are the main benefits of pilates as part of your fitness routine?

Main benefits are improved body awareness, posture, more efficient breathing and greater core stability. You will notice a natural girdle of strength around your torso and you will have better control of your movements. You will also be more toned in your arms, buttocks and thighs, be stronger and have more flexibility.

How many sessions should you be doing a week?

Ideally you should do three hours a week, but you will feel the benefits if you do less.

I understand you’re visiting the Middle East to conduct a retreat at Oman’s Six Senses Zighy Bay resort. Do you regularly visit the region? Any chance we will see you conduct a retreat at the Sharq’s Six Senses Spa in Doha?

I visit Doha and Bahrain for teacher assessments, and then I go semi-annually to Six Senses Spa at Zighy Bay for retreats. My next retreat in Oman will be the 6 to 9 March next year, but it would also be a delight to work with the Six Senses team in Doha.

INFO: Lynne Robinson is based at the flagship Body Control Pilates studio in central London.