Post Pregnancy Body Secrets Reveal: From Kerry Washington to Olivia Wilde and Lots More

We reveal who got their super-hot figures back right after pregnancy — and how they did it
ByLindsay JudgeSunday , 14 September 2014
Post Pregnancy Body Secrets Reveal: From Kerry Washington to Olivia Wilde and Lots More
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Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani, 44
Five months after giving birth

The No Doubt singer definitely deserves a round of applause – just a few months after giving birth to her third son, Gwen manages to defy the odds of motherhood and look stunning. Within no time she’s lost all the baby weight (and maybe even a few extra pounds!). The Hollaback Girl hitmaker has a rather conventional approach to maintaining her A-list physique – she follows a strict daily morning exercise routine and has also maintained a low-carb diet since her little boy arrived. If only we all had her self-discipline!

Emily Blunt, 31
Three months after giving birth

Looking at Emily Blunt, no one would imagine she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl just a few months ago. The stunning new mummy credits her weight loss to breast-feeding. In a recent interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actress, who’s married to fellow actor John Krasinski from The Office, opened up about the secret to her incredible weight loss. According to the starlet, ever since she’s been producing what she referred to as “a lot of milk,” the kilos have simply dropped off. Lucky lady – we’re green with envy!

Olivia Wilde, 30
One week after giving birth

This hot mama has caused some serious heat waves after shedding her post-pregnancy weight in record time, leaving thousands of envious new mums wondering how it all disappeared. The actress, who’s engaged to We’re The Millers actor Jason Sudeikis, insists that her strict vegan diet helps her to maintain her shapely figure, with the mum confessing to Allure magazine that in addition to cutting out meat, fish, dairy and lots of gluten and carbs, she avoids processed food like the plague. Phew!

Kristin Cavallari, 27
Three months after giving birth

Kristin has already seemingly cruised back to her pre-baby physical state, which, might we add, is enviably perfect! While describing her exact diet and fitness routine to E! News, the star of The Hills revealed she exercises about four to five times a week for 30 to 45 minutes at a time, focusing on leg work such as squats and lunges and lifting weights. She even added that she intends to take up Pilates pretty soon – as though she needs it! But, Kristin, you’re definitely an inspiration to all future mummies! 

Kerry Washington, 37
Three months after giving birth

When talking about post-pregnancy weight loss, Kerry has to get a mention. We’re intrigued as to know how she manages to look so fab so soon after giving birth. The actress looks extremely svelte, however, and Washington, who’s battled bulimia in the past, seems to have lost her baby weight unusually quickly. According to The National Enquirer, those close to the new mum are concerned that the eating disorder they thought she’d beaten years ago might have come back to haunt her once more.  

Megan Fox, 28
Two months after giving birth

Super-skinny Megan has revealed the secret to her post-baby weight loss – the Paleo diet. The regime, also known as the cave man diet, is a pretty big deal in Hollywood these days, and involves eating plenty of animal protein, vegetables, fruit and unsaturated fats. Megan also cut out gluten, sugar, dairy and processed foods. While the actress claims she lost her baby weight effortlessly the first time around, she says that when the second child came along she found it a far harder task! The diet clearly works – she was back to her best in no time! 

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