Celebrity Eyeliner: From Cara Delevinge to Kim Kardashian We Show You How to Get the Look

Tired of your eyeliner always looking the same, or just fancy a change? We run down some of the hottest looks you need to try now!
ByLindsay JudgeMonday , 08 September 2014
Celebrity Eyeliner: From Cara Delevinge to Kim Kardashian We Show You How to Get the Look
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1 The Classic
This eyeliner style is totally elegant and really easy to achieve. When going for a natural look, all you have to do is draw a thin line on your upper lid and you’re good to go, just like Jennifer Aniston.

2 The Winged Eye 
This look is perfect for girly girls wanting to add a bit of drama. Lauren Conrad wears the winged eyeliner look perfectly. To achieve it yourself, extend your liner to meet the line on your outer lower lid about 1cm away from your eye, facing towards your ear. From that end create an adjoining line towards the eyeliner on your outer upper lid to create a gradient ‘V’ facing your ear.

3 The Sixties Flick
This technique will give you a quirky look while keeping your make-up quite natural, just like Alexa Chung’s. To recreate the Sixties flick, draw a straight line towards your eyebrow following through and extending from your outer upper-lid eyeliner. The line can be as thick or thin as you please. Keep the rest of your make-up quite natural. 

4 Kitten Flick
The cat line will vamp up your make-up style. Taylor Swift is often seen sporting feline eyes and if you’re feeling quite the copycat, all you have to do is extend your outer upper and lower-lid eyeliner and join them to create a sharp ‘V’ facing towards your eyebrow. Chances are, you’ll end up looking like Ms Swift herself. Try it!

5 The Double-Winged Liner
Kim Kardashian is definitely the ambassador for this dramatic look, which involves drawing two extended lines in the corner of your eyes. To achieve it, all you have to do is repeat the same steps as for the single-winged liner, but make sure you keep the extended wings short and thin.

6 Colour Pop
If you wish for a flicker of colour in your eyes, like Elle Fanning’s, then try this look. Not only will it brighten your face, it’ll also enhance the shape of your eyes. All you have to do is line your upper eyelid with a coloured eye pencil to look fresh- faced and fabulous!

7 The Grunge 
This heavy-duty look is glamorous yet daring, like Amanda Seyfried. Layer on a thick coat of eyeliner over your upper eyelid and create a filled-in ‘V’ shape facing towards your eyebrow, then smudge your liner around the bottom of your eyes. 

8 Bottom-Heavy
Cara Delevingne keeps her make-up edgy by having her bottom liner thicker than at the top. The bold style is sure to help you set the mark as the coolest chick in town, much like Ms Cara herself. Line your lower lid with a black kohl pencil and smudge it with a cotton bud – the more liner, the better!

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